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Functional Nutrition consultations

Nutrition Consultations

I offer both face to face and online consultations  (via Zoom).

Face to face appointments are available at:

Coulsdon Osteopathic Clinic

100 Brighton Road





I will send you a 5 day diary to complete, which will cover your food and fluid intake, sleep patterns and general mood.  This will help me to build a picture of your nutritional need, as well as gain insight into your sleep quality and nervous system health.


Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, (duration 2 hours) we will:


  • Establish your health and wellness goals.

  • Deep dive into your medical history, going through each body system in detail, from birth to present as well as asking questions about your lifestyle. This will help to understand the root cause of your health complaint, highlight any significant factors that could be affecting your health as well as anything that could impact your personalised wellness plan.

  • Discuss your diet and lifestyle preferences, to ensure that your personalised wellness plan is realistic.


Post Consultation

After the initial consultation I will prepare a wellness plan that will be centred around the following:



Personalised nutrition recommendations.  The foods that we eat can either fight disease or feed it. As a functional nutritionist, my recommendations will address any nutritional deficiencies that could be triggering your condition, and help you to achieve your health goals through choosing the right foods for you.



Sometimes supplements may be needed to give you a helping hand in achieving your nutritional goals. These will be recommended if required and can help you to reach your goals faster. I only recommend nutraceuticals from reputable brands that have gone through vigorous testing and are supported by scientific research. Supplements are not included in the price and will be an additional cost.


Lifestyle recommendations


Individual lifestyle recommendations to support your transformation journey.

Mindset & Emotional Balance


Working on your inner world, to rebalance your emotions and mindset, to help you to thrive in your outer world.

Mindset and emotions are just as important for our health (if not more) as nutrition and lifestyle. These will include addressing any limiting beliefs that could be preventing you from acheiving your health goals.​ 

If required, I will also refer you to your GP for testing or refer you for private testing, for example, blood tests, genetic testing, allergy testing etc if further investigations need to be carried out to help to build a complete picture of your health blueprint.

I will book a 15 minute phone call to discuss your personalised plan and how it fits in with your health goals and to address any questions that you may have.


Follow-Up Consultation

During the follow-up consultation, (duration 30 minutes) we will:


  • Review your goals and progress made towards those goals.

  • Discuss what has worked for you and any challenges.

  • Adjust your plan if necessary.

  • Discuss the next steps of your health transformation journey.


​Follow-up appointments will be held either weekly or fortnighly, depending on your package. 

What My Clients Say


R.M, London

I've been working with Namrata for 6 weeks now. After following her plan I am not only 6cm down in my waist, but I feel alot calmer and am sleeping so much better.  Thank you Namrata.
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