“ Hacking your subconscious mind can help you to quit smoking for good.”

The Functional Nutritionist


When trying to quit smoking people tend to rely on will power.  This tends to set them up for failure, because it not only makes them irratible and moody, but the cravings tend to have them reaching for a cigarette again, which is counter productive. 

The subconscious mind is a very powerful tool when it comes to giving up unhealthy habits, and that's why Hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking for good.  In my smoking cessation programme, we indentify your triggers for smoking and then your reasons for stopping, followed by the use of positive suggestions and visualisation techniques that will ensure that you never pick up a cigarette again.

The sooner you quit the sooner you will experience the following health benefits:

20 minutes after you quit smoking
3-9 months after you quit smoking
10 years after you quit smoking
1 year after you quit smoking
2-12 weeks after you quit smoking
72 hours after you quit smoking
48 hours after you quit smoking
8 hours after you quit smoking

Your pulse will start to return to normal.

Carbon monoxide levels in the blood halve and your oxygen levels begin to improve.

You will notice an improvement in your sense of taste and smell.  Your lungs will also start to clear out mucus.

You will notice your energy levels will have improved and breathing will become alot easier as your bronchial tubes relax.

Circulation improves as your heart pumps blood more efficiently.

Lung function increases by 10%.

Your risk of a heart attack reduces by 50%.

Your risk of death halves compared to a smoker.


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