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Appointments are carried out via zoom or face to face appointments are available at:

Coulsdon Osteopathic Clinic

100 Brighton Road



During the consultation we will discuss your goal. I will gather information about your lifestyle, medical symptoms and medical history including medication (if relevant).  Once I have this information I will discuss the relevant hypnotherapy techniques and approaches that will support you with your goals. 


After the consultation, the hypnotherapy session will begin. The following is the typical structure of a  session:

  •  I will have you make yourself comfortable

  •  Induction, where I will lead you into a state of deep relaxation​

  •  Once you are deeply relaxed, I will begin using the techniques discussed during the consultation to allow the changes  to  take place (change process)

  •  After the change process is complete, I will gradually bring you out of the trance 

  •  We will summarise the session, giving you an opportunity to ask any questions.  

A smoking cessation session lasts for 2 hours and costs £250


Ready to kick your smoking habit?

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