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EFT Sessions

An EFT session will guide you from feeling trapped to experiencing emotional liberation. Through targeted tapping techniques, you'll unlock new pathways to wellness, breaking free from the emotional burdens that hold you back. This transformative process fosters a deep sense of relief and empowerment, setting the stage for profound personal growth and healing.

Face to face appointments are available at:

Coulsdon Osteopathic Clinic

100 Brighton Road



 Online sessions are delivered via Zoom. 


The majority of my clients choose online EFT sessions and consistently report significant improvements in their emotional well-being, often experiencing shifts that are as profound as, if not more impactful than, those observed in face-to-face consultations.

During the initial session, I will take the time to learn about your background and the specific issues you wish to address. This session primarily aims to stabilise your nervous system, creating a solid foundation for tackling deeper emotional challenges.

To achieve the most effective outcomes, I typically recommend a series of at least three sessions. This allows us to thoroughly work through and overcome limiting beliefs and emotional barriers, facilitating meaningful and lasting change. This structured approach is designed to maximise the benefits of EFT, supporting you in unlocking your full potential for emotional freedom and resilience.


Single session: £100

Block of 3 sessions: £270

Ideal for anyone looking to overcome limiting beliefs and resolve emotional triggers effectively.

Block of 6 sessions: £510

Ideal for individuals eager to delve deeper and elevate their emotional well-being to new levels.

Emotional Freedom

Want to experience emotional freedom?

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