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Kaz B, London

The Crystal Healing sessions I had with Namrata were something I had never done and turned out to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. I felt a remarkable connection. I left each session with clarity and a sense of peace and joy. I was impressed by Namrata's knowledge, compassion and openness. Would 10/10 recommend crystal healing and especially Namrata.

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Debbie H, Surrey

I have just completed my third crystal therapy session with Namrata. It's been such an eye opener to the powers of healing. I had been holding onto some emotions that she could see that I needed to release. Once we had cleared these blockages I was able to address these and move forward.  It has given me a deeper understanding of what my body is trying to tell me and she has provided me with the tools I need to focus on my chakras, to heal and unblock any areas that I need to work on.

I feel calmer, accepting and more in control. The overall experience was a very relaxing one, and Namrata made me feel very comfortable. 

Looking forward to doing some more work with you soon. 

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Sheena, Hertfordshire

I had never had a reiki treatment before and I can honestly say I loved it.  I was left so relaxed, yet rejuvenated and enjoyed every moment! I felt so calm mentally and physically.  I really slept well after I had reiki.  I look forward to taking future classes with Nam. She is very knowledgeable and tuned into her client. 

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Dr Patel, Hertfordshire

I was surprised how very relaxed I felt. I could feel a different kind of energy that left me feeling really fresh and positive. I was sceptical initially but having had reiki treatment, I would highly recommend it.

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B. Reynolds, West Sussex

My first experience with Reiki has been an eye opener. As a total non-believer I was pleasantly surprised as to how my treatment went and I can say that I would definitely try reiki again.  Nam is not only professional but very efficient in her treatments and the aftercare advice was ace.

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Tina K, London

Nam has an intuitive sense for the whole person, during my Reiki treatments, the best way I can describe it is: she was able to tune into different parts of me and help unblock things. The treatments left me feeling calmer, refreshed and grounded. She is both friendly and professional. She explained her approach in a manner that made me feel at ease to begin the treatment.

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Rahoul P, London

I was sceptical about Reiki at first, but with anything in life if you don't approach it with an open mind you will never be able to benefit from it.

I found Namarata to be very informative, insightful and very apt to my emotional and physical condition at the time. With her knowledge she was able to gauge things about me that very few people in my life know, which completely blew me away! Admittedly I also felt a good strange after my first session, which I can only describe as an indescribable high release of energy, which lasted for a couple of days afterwards.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Namarata as a Reiki therapist and am looking forward to our further sessions.

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